Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Every Lil BIt CAN make a difference

I have updated & revamped the wish list a little bit & eliminated a few things that are possible for us to purchase there, in effort to support business in Guatemala.

OUR goal is to carry two fifty pound suitcases filled  w/donations & to be able to bring a monetary gift to them in hopes of supporting at least one guatemalan family for a year! We are counting on you to help us reach this goal. Below you can find an itemized list. 

If each of our friends donated one item or even $5.00, We could fill more than we could carry &how AWESOME would that be!

Which leads me to this....I will be hitting the pavement doing what I can  to earn the money 2 make my dream come true by"sharing the gift of love & bringing the children & people of Gautemala much needed essentials." 
Juli(my traveling angel) has set the date  of departure for Jan 4th 2011 to begin our 14 day mission .We r planning on arriving in Guatemala City & making our way to Antigua all on OUR own,meeting w/ Common Hope organization  to deliver our gifts & hopefully touch base w/ As Green As it Gets. We will be exploring the cities ALone & hope to be able to make it to the very place Juli had once visited & hiked..Pacaya Volcano site! Sadly Pacaya erupted last May leaving behind virtually NOTHING! So as we snuggle  up comfy in our plush pillow top beds~just stop & imagine the cities & families in the crossing of that volcano who have  lost EVERYTHING & are in desperate need  of even the most simplest  of essential needs. So, as you can see this is a very rewarding experience to be able to go over & help in any way we can!  
 If any of  you would like to sponsor me in my efforts to save enough money to make this journey  happen~ I will be accepting donations both monetarily & from this list . Plz contact me w/ any questions on facebook or lookin4simplicity@gmail.com or call me @ 207-431-2055! (Plz leave a message on phone & I will return your call)Also , I have put a donation button on my blog page  via paypal for those wanting to give a monetary donation.

 Since the day I spoke w Juli about this~my heart has skipped 1000 beats! The excitement & joy Im feeling to be able to think I could finially fulfill a passion that has been calling me for years~ I may not being "SAVING THE WORLD " But every lil bit counts!! GOD IS GOOD!
 I look forward to this journey & pray for PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS  for you all !!


Thank you all for your support! 
THE LIST..Wooden colored pencils
Metric rulers
Tape (scotch, masking, packing, duct)
Pencil sharpeners
File folders
Children's books (in Spanish)
Simple toys, games & puzzles (in Spanish)
Pens( red. blk. blue)pencils (packs)
glue sticks
Acetaminophen tablets
(Acetaminophen suspension)children's
Pepto Bismol tablets
Adhesive bandages
Ace bandages (2" and 3")
Multi vitamins with iron and folic acid (adults)
Multi vitamins with iron (chewables or gummies)
Multi vitamin drops for infants
Prenatal vitamins
Sanitary pads (light day and/or Maxi pads)
Sanitary pads (post partum pads - Long/heavy duty)
Neosporin sm tubes (triple antibiotic cream)
Diphenhydramine cream sm tubes
Scabies cream sm tubes
anti-itch cream
Tagadern w nonstick pads
Calamine lotion
nonstick cloth tape
Boxes of 'snack' baggies
Dental floss
Bath towels
Wash Cloths
Infant Gifts
Disposable Diapers (varying sizes)
lice shampoo
powdered milk
pediasure (powder)Vanilla flavored preferred
baby wipes
cotton balls
socks, blue or black (a lot of these kids wear uniforms and can't go to school without proper clothes!)
socks, white knee high (GIRLS)
black dress shoes (think flat elementary boy and girl)
pencil cases
tempera paints
arts and crafts materials
construction paper

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Return to Love

All alone with no way out, please help me LORD ..we desperately shout.
The voice of angels whispering in our ears saying free your spirit from the life you fear!
 Armored walls that chain our souls,full of discontent & unmet goals~
Anger, frustration~years of pain. Trapped in our own hell w/nothing to gain.
Silent glimmers, lil rays of hope but we turn away saying Nope nope nope!
Broken down it's just  the fight ...of good  versus bad~ God is the light! But,the choices we make are often quite sad.
Why do we run from eternal bliss?? Do we not understand the life that we miss?
Frantically searching for so much more~But when LOVE shows up we slam the door!
The choices that haunt us threw out the nights, knowing internally whats wrong & whats right.
Yet..when the sun shines on the morning dew~ we stay w/ the same ole thinking afraid of the new!
Jealousy, anger, hatred & greed..deprieving our souls of our essential need.
Ignorantly denying our purpose from birth...lets  get rid of our DEMONS  & spread LOVE on this EArth!
How can we be frightened of this unconditional feeling??

Written 4/16/05 BY Julie Norton