Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Return to Love

All alone with no way out, please help me LORD ..we desperately shout.
The voice of angels whispering in our ears saying free your spirit from the life you fear!
 Armored walls that chain our souls,full of discontent & unmet goals~
Anger, frustration~years of pain. Trapped in our own hell w/nothing to gain.
Silent glimmers, lil rays of hope but we turn away saying Nope nope nope!
Broken down it's just  the fight ...of good  versus bad~ God is the light! But,the choices we make are often quite sad.
Why do we run from eternal bliss?? Do we not understand the life that we miss?
Frantically searching for so much more~But when LOVE shows up we slam the door!
The choices that haunt us threw out the nights, knowing internally whats wrong & whats right.
Yet..when the sun shines on the morning dew~ we stay w/ the same ole thinking afraid of the new!
Jealousy, anger, hatred & greed..deprieving our souls of our essential need.
Ignorantly denying our purpose from birth...lets  get rid of our DEMONS  & spread LOVE on this EArth!
How can we be frightened of this unconditional feeling??

Written 4/16/05 BY Julie Norton

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