Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tentative Plans For Guatemala


 As January quikly approaches , Juli & I are trying to set our goals and put our plans into action. We both are working diligently in our efforts to come up with creative ideas to raise money for the men , women and children of Guatemala . All proceeds will be divided evenly amongst the 3 organizations we have reached out to .
 I have listed here the organizations & their links we will be primarily working with for those who may want to read more about them. Common Hope, Safe Passage and, As Green As It Gets .  
  Our plan is to work primarily with COMMON HOPE, volunteering our services to them doing whatever it is that they need us 2 do. Ranging from helping to build houses,cleanup relief from tropical storm ,Agatha ,interacting & helping to teach basic life skills and MOST IMPORTANTLY sharing the gospel of GOD'S LOVE for us with the families of this community.
 From there, We hope to be able to tour SAFE PASSAGE and the Guatemala City Dump. Helping there as well with whatever their needs maybe. Juli's group attempted to tour this area last year but, it was determined unsafe at that time. A heartening experience from what we are told!
 Next, we hope to spend a day with AS GREEN AS IT GETS which is famous for it's FABULOUS coffee ~ Touring the facility & hopefully being able to take part in learning their process, helping in anyway we can!
 At this point I think it goes without saying.. that Jules intends to persuade ME into hiking Pacaya again if possible~ as it erupted @ the beginning of this year. We will at least be able to access the damage of the very place she hiked on her first journey to Guatemala.
 The last couple of days after our work there is complete ~ We plan to revisit the Mayan Ruins in Iximche and take in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tikal and Atitlan, and lastly do a bit of shopping at ChiChi Market, if time allows us.
 I have added a DONATIONS button via PAYPAL for ANYONE interested in making a monetary donation!  Keeping in mind that 1 American dollar is 8.28360 Guatemalan Quetzal. Just think if each & every one of you donated just 1 dollar ...
                                 I thank you all for your love and support!     
                                      ~ MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL~
  "Each of US will one day be judged by OUR standard of life..Not by OUR standard of Living; by OUR measure of Giving...Not by OUR measure of wealth; by OUR simple goodness... Not by OUR seeming greatness." William Arthur Ward